Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, stress, depression, and anxiety all have a direct correlation to sleep deprivation. Those of us who have problems falling asleep feel like we are at our wit’s end.If you are tossing and turning all night for no reason, you may need a sleeping solution stat. Sleep deprivation can throw you off kilter, which can lead to health problems, focus, and fatigue. But, hey – don’t let it keep you up nights because there are remedies worth trying.

Check out these five top tips to help you achieve better sleep and increase productivity.

1. Change it up

Kick the humdrum to the curb. Everything you do during the day can affect how you sleep at night. You may need to exercise more during daytime hours since exercise can help you enter deeper sleep cycles and promote better sleep habits. However, it’s important to note that working out too late in the day may cause problems with your sleep schedule. You may also want to change your evening routine to create some downtime before you go to bed. Also, try to keep a proper sleep schedule, which includes falling asleep and waking up at about the same time every night and morning. When you stay on a consistent schedule, it helps improve sleep patterns.

2. Eat green, eat clean

You might have heard this your whole life: “you are what you eat” because eating the right foods not only helps you stay healthy but can lead to better sleep, too. For example, eating foods that are high in vitamin B could help your body produce melatonin. Avoiding nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol helps promote better sleep patterns too. Nicotine and caffeine can take hours to wear off, while alcohol can disrupt sleep later in the night. You may also want to consider a nutritional program to help enhance sleep. And just because you are eating right doesn’t mean you should go to bed on a full stomach. Quite the contrary – avoid heavy or large meals within two hours of bedtime. Don’t consume any fluids 1-2 hours before bed, especially if you don’t want to make any late-night trips to the loo that will interrupt your beauty sleep.

3. Make your space comfy, cozy and chi-friendly

It may help to create some feng shui in your bedroom. Creating quality chi in your bedroom is believed to promote a better sense of well-being. Start by buying a comfortable bed with a quality mattress and make sure it is placed near your door. Consider moving your television and other electrical appliances to another room in order to eliminate unnecessary static energy from your space. Try to minimize external noise and artificial lights from devices (i.e. alarm clocks and smart phones) when you are trying to sleep. Since body and bedroom temperature can also influence sleep quality, set your thermostat to a suitable temperature at night so you remain comfortable. Consider using room-darkening shades, a fan or other devices to create a cool, dark and peaceful environment.

4. Swallow homeopathic remedies

There are various over-the-counter supplements you can take that could help you fall and stay asleep. Melatonin is the most popular one, with certain studies showing that if you take 3-10 mg of melatonin before bedtime, it may provide better sleep for people suffering from sleep disorders. Valerian root, magnesium, lavender aromatherapy and tea, including chamomile and passion tea, are other alternatives to help you drift into la-la land.

5. Lay down for a nap

Remember when you were a kid and had to lay down after lunch to take a nap? Well, a quick nap during the day can help boost performance and energy levels for adults, too. If you suffer from lack of sleep, a mid-day nap can help reduce sleep debt and improve your ability to focus. In fact, companies across the United States have begun providing napping areas where employees can catch a few zees during the day.

Nap Bar will open April 29, 2019, in Houston’s Rice Village, offers Texans the first-ever napping facility. Travelers, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home parents can enjoy a soothing, serene and safe environment to nap during the weekday to help boost productivity. Nap Bar can also build out onsite, in-suite napping services for companies looking to improve their health and wellness programs. Nap Bar will furnish sleeping pods, organic mattresses and bedding so drowsy employees can catch a cat nap in the middle of the day, which has been proven to increase productivity at work.

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