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Prefer to pay on the go? Our single snooze cost is an affordable and flexible option. You can also upgrade your nap with pajamas, a shower, and more.

20 minute snooze                            $25

26 minute snooze                            $32

60 minute snooze*                          $69

 *up to 4 hours

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Snooze Packages

Save money by purchasing a fixed number of snooze sessions. Packages offer flexibility for snoozers who expect to visit up to four times a month.


5  snooze sessions Cost per  snooze less than $24  $119   

10 snooze sessions Cost per snooze less than $22  $219 

20  snooze sessions Cost per snooze less than $20 $399


5 snooze sessions Cost per snooze less than $31     $159

10 snooze sessions Cost per snooze less than $29  $199

20 snooze sessions Cost per snooze less than $27  $539

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Snoozers membership

This is the best choice and lowest cost per snooze for guests who visit more than twice a week. Receive up to 5 snooze sessions a week. This program is aligned with scientific data for optimum health, wellness and productivity benefits.

20 minute snooze    Cost per snooze less than $9      $179/mo

26 minute snooze    Cost per snooze less than $10    $189/mo

Nap Bar Snoozers Members can enjoy:

  •   A courtesy shower after your nap
  •   10% off Bungaloom mattress
  •   Earthcraft Juice shot before or after nap
  •   Sleeping pod upgrades
  •   Complimentary subscription for relaxing brain waves
  •   Warm neck pillows 
  •   Aromatherapy oils and mists
  •   Peppermint foot and hand lotion 

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Refer a friend who needs sleep.

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Refer five nappers to Nap Bar and get a complimentary 26-minute snooze in our nap suite to share with  a friend, loved one or keep for yourself.

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Gift Cards available

Visit our scheduling section to purchase a gift card for friends, family and those people in your life who need a nap.

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Are the sleeping pods clean?

Yes. Nap Bar is a white-glove service with hospital grade infection control. Our sleeping pods are inspected, and linen changed after every single guest. Our New Living organic Bungaloom mattresses are also made with non-toxic all organic materials so there are no dust mites or allergens. 

What if I want to nap longer than 26 minutes?

Guests may extend their nap based on availability, please inquire with our Comfort Concierge. Be advised, studies prove napping longer than 30 minutes can result in feeling drowsy and/or groggy. 

Is eating allowed in the sleeping pods?

No. Except for water, we ask that all food and beverages are consumed in the café area of Nap Bar to keep our sleeping pods up to standard. 

Is Nap Bar safe?

Yes. Nap Bar is monitored by certified Comfort Concierges to ensure our guests’ safety. In addition, we require guests to show ID at check in and complete a full profile prior to entering the nap room.

What if I am a light sleeper?

Great question. The Comfort Concierge will provide noise cancelling earplugs. In addition, our custom patented pods include sound proof curtains. In addition, we provide brain  waves that produce deep sleep sounds to promote meaningful rest and drown out noise pollution.

What is included in the Snoozers Club membership?

Click here to learn more about the Snoozers Club benefits and perks.

Is my space private?

Yes. Our custom patented pods and full size suite are 100% private separated by sustainable materials and sound proof curtains.  Pods and suite is located inside the Nap Bar sleep room curated to promote sleep, rest and meditation.  We have partnered with Bungaloom to offer a clean napping experience on 100% organic mattresses, bedding and pillows. 

What if I am a smoker?

We ask for nappers to refrain from smoking 90 minutes prior to your nap session. If applicable, the Comfort Concierge will request for you to freshen up before entering the pod as some guest are sensitive and/or allergic to smoke. 

Is there a cleaning fee for accidentals?

Yes. The cleaning fee starts at $250 for accidentals and up to $3,000 for furnishing replacements.

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