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Nap Bar, the first white glove, self-care napping experience in Texas, offers communities and companies onsite and in-suite sleep services to help reduce sleep deprivation and increase productivity.


Our approach

Nap Bar is positioned to reshape the $4 trillion global wellness industry. The pay-by-the-snooze company offers busy professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and stay-at-home parents a safe haven for napping. Visitors are surrounded by sustainable materials, rest-induced color schemes, and scientifically chosen brain wave therapy exclusive to Nap Bar.


Our commitment

New Living  Bungaloom organic mattresses partnered with Nap Bar to bring the first pay-by-the-snooze facility to Texas. Next up, look out for our mobile snooze units in downtown Houston and in-suite napping build-outs for companies.

What to expect at Nap Bar

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of our trained Comfort Concierges who will introduce you to our sleeping pod selection. Choose from a Twin XL or Full-Size organic mattress for snoozing. 

We hope to see you often, which is why we developed standard and VIP membership tiers to help sweeten the deal. You’ll pay a monthly fee for discounted nap sessions and receive upgrades and other power nap perks.

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Press release

Houstonians Fall Asleep At The First Nap Bar In Texas

Nap Bar launches a pay-by-the-snooze business in Houston with organic Bungaloom mattresses. 

HOUSTON, TX— (February 19, 2019) –Power naps are the next big thing to hit corporate America and reduce sleep debt. The business model is simple: take a nap during the day to feel better and do more. Increasing productivity, the nap biz is popular in New York, Europe and Japan, offering travelers, workers and entrepreneurs a safe way to sleep.   

Grab a pillow – it’s perfectly okay for adults to slumber in swanky surroundings during the middle of the day. Whether you’re sleep deprived, hungover or simply need to rest, Houston welcomes the first-ever Nap Bar, a pay-by-the-snooze napping facility located in Rice Village. Naps aren’t just for kids anymore – the siesta biz is flourishing in the wellness space and corporations around the world are taking them seriously.  

Nap Bar founder and president, Khaliah Guillory, a diversity and inclusion, and leadership consultant, partnered with New Living natural and organic mattresses to launch the first nap initiative in Texas.

“Our goal is to promote wellness and turn sustainable rest into sustainable productivity for health-conscious humans,” said Khaliah Guillory.

Nap Bar’s custom-patented napping pods are designed with sound-proof materials and contain organic, non-toxic Bungaloom mattresses and bedding. Visitors are greeted by a Comfort Concierge and led inside a private suite surrounded with T.L.C. Naps are scheduled 20 to 26 minutes for short-term alertness, or longer, if needed. 

Khaliah Guillory has worked with organizations such as NASA, delivering innovative wellness and inclusion workshops. When NASA conducted a sleep study on weary pilots, she learned that a 26-minute power nap actually helped improve performance by 34 percent and alertness by 54 percent, which encouraged her to develop Nap Bar. 

“Giants like Google implemented sleep stations to help employees recharge during the day,” Guillory explained. “Naps are proven to help reduce significant economic loss by decreasing sleep deprivation.” 

Guests receive complimentary aromatherapy and custom brain wave therapy with every siesta. Other add-ons include, lymphatic massages, hot showers, espressos, and EarthCraft Juicery blends that are crafted from raw, healing ingredients. The experience promises gentle healing and peaceful rest.

Additionally, Nap Bar offers in-suite napping build-outs for companies and has plans to launch mobile snooze units in downtown Houston later this year as part of their mission to help solve the $411 billion-dollar economic loss due to sleep deprivation. 

For more info contact Heather J. Taylor htaylor@madhatmaven.com

See what happens when an entrepreneurial spirit joins forces with a deep commitment to healthy, sustainable living.

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The team

Khaliah Guillory

Khaliah Guillory

Founder, CEO

Camille Guillory

Camille Guillory

Head of infection control

Meg Ellis


Sleep Ambassador

Dr. Cwanza Pinckney

Dr. Cwanza D.J. Code Blue

Inventor of Nap Bar Brain Waves (M.D.) AKA   DJ Code Blue

Heather J. Taylor

Heather J. Taylor

PR + Marketing Consultant

Bianca Carey


Head Accountant

Landi Spearman


Executive Coach

D' Marrea Steed


Sales Leader

Joy M. Hutton


Business Strategist

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